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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  February 3, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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stuart: we believe it at that. dagen: you get a pass, but generally you are not an american unless you watch the entire super bowl. you have to do it. from bootstraps to a boot up the butt, the broncos flail and an nfc team wins the super bowl. stocks rallied based on an old, if flawed, market indicator. hopefully he sees a better market. and raising the debt ceiling and exchange for some changes to obamacare, the public is want to bargain, will democrats budge? troubles for apple iphone. a team has one of the devices explode in her pocket p had and united says goodbye to cleveland. coming up on this hour of "markets now."
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connell: there is not any good news. the super bowl is a blowout, the market is down 150 points. dagen: i was not even written for the broncos. connell: hopefully we can cheer you up for an hour or so. dagen: what have you got? this market cannot catch a break. all about dumping risk and fear is back. nicole petallides with more. nicole: that is right. i will get to that in a moment. the dow, nasdaq and the s&p down arrows, all three down a percent or more. 15,547, so that is a loss of 1%. the s&p 500 down 17-point sitting at 1765, a loss of about 1%. bank stocks and retail stocks, transportation lower.
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utilities, the safe haven of utilities seem to be doing well, they are the one winner along with health care for 2014. you mentioned the vix, we have seen that crossing the 20 levels. we could settle at the highest level since october 8. and pfizer doing well on developments on the drug development for breast cancer, that is good news, that is why you are seeing it as a winner. back to you. connell: asked the dow comes off the largest january drop ever. chief equities strategist says history may be on investors side for the rest of the year. bob is here to cheer us up. >> we have had 31 down january's of the 31, 14 have had down february to december, 17 of them have been up.
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we will see the fundamentals make the difference. i think with 20/20 hindsight we borrowed some of the 2014 games and we're just giving some of that back. our predictions coming this year would be we will have an a beer but it will be bumpier. connell: what is the case never strong fundamental equaling higher stocks from here on out? there is some fear in the markets now talking about the vix above 20 for the first time since i guess october at the market is down again today. a lot of this from the emerging market led fierce, but the united states, what is the case for strong fundamentals? >> let me put a fact on the table so it is not somebody's guess. the companies reporting over half now, fourth-quarter earnings. three quarters of them have surprised on the bottom line, two-thirds have surprised on the top line. u.s. economy getting a little bit better and earnings will be okay.
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that should give us at some point be able to grab hold here, but until this emerging market fear is gone, we will have some of that. reminder we are down less than 5% from a high, 5% moves are pretty typical. we haven't had them on the downside for a while, this is very normal. the last 5% this year. connell: to the point the emerging market, the fear going away, how did you know without causing a major market disruption? there is some history to think things start small in other countries and they lead to something much bigger. why do y nothinkhat he casehis me aund? >> im nosayi forure is n the cas we h notng mh i a fissure in the credit issues in the u.s. that we might expect.
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we need to watch that carefully the more the stock goes down and treasuries go up, the probability of that increases. but i think the fundamentals in the developed world are improving almost everywhere but the emerging areas are difficult, it is not the economic connection that worries me, it is the financial connection. connell: essentially making a bet this time it is not necessarily there. it will disrupt the market. we have already had the dip, but inw is the time to bsive >> i would be nibbling away, the dollar cost average always has been. i don't think the selling is over. thinking tomorrow is the beginning of straight up, it will take a while to repair some of the concerns, the big downside gap, i don't think so.
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connell: always good to have you, good to see youu dagen: republicans ready to do battle over another debt ceiling fight. this time trying to tie in a repeal on a tax related to obamacare. >> treasury secretary issuing any warning about the debt ceiling saying a delay increasing it could disrupt economic growth. treasury secretary predicted even with some extraordinary measures, the treasury will hit the debt ceiling by the end of this month. jack lew said the administration has less flexibility with it than in previous standoffs because treasury is entering the height of tax filing season, so it needs its cash for tax refunds.
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while his boss, president said iin the state of the union address last week, he still wants a grand bargain with republicans on the budget. said not this year. >> i am not sure this is the year for a long-term fiscal challenge to be dealt with, i actually believe we made so much progress in the short and medium term. we have time to deal with the longer term. >> he demanded a clean increase in the discipline with no conditions, republicans continue to say they will not allow a debt default, but they are still considering provisions to attach to any increase in the debt ceiling including repealing the reassurance tax on obamacare and the medical device tax, some republicans are pushing for more spending cuts this time around or even a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. dagen and connell. dagen: thank you. from washington, d.c. steve moore, change jobs, chief economist at the heritage foundation. congratulations on the new gig.
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>> thank you very much. dagen: hope you get more vacation. >> i'm still a fox news contributor. dagen: of course you are. republicans have a shot at giving more givebacks in this fight? >> here we go again. almost instant replay of what happened the last couple of years. almost all the house numbers were there. they were not in the mood of capitulating to the president giving them a clean debt ceiling and giving jack lew a clean debt ceiling. look, every major budget reform we got the last 25 years has been attached to the deathly. talking about some changes and talking about potentially attaching a balanced budget amendment. dagen: do republicans have a
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legitimate shot at chipping away at obamacare? again with the shutdown last year, they got nothing. >> great question. i think republicans do have a shot at this. american people don't want a blank check given to the government. you can pick some of these items like peter was talking about, the medical device tax or get rid of the 30 hours per week rule. you are considered a full-time employer and that is one of the reasons were turning into a part-time nation. republicans and take strategic areas both teams can chip away at obama can get budget reforms and you have to choose things on the public opinion. these are things that are going to bring discipline in the future. dagen: that when the president and democrats conceding things are wrong with obamacare. if you listen to that interview
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the president did with bill o'reilly yesterday afternoon, he really is, he is putting a gloss o and what is going on right now that enrollment is one month behind, young people are enrolling in a good rate, having a job. >> what you just described is what we call putting lipstick on a pig because most americans do not think obamacare is working very well be a two out of three americans think it is actually a net negative for the economy in the budget, not the negative. these are reasonable demands to give the federal government another $2 trillion of borrowing authority, this is quite possible. for the last 25 years, dagen, it has been very unusual for the president republican or democrat got a clean debt ceiling.
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dagen: the one thing is despite, i know your earpiece just fell out, so i will let you put it back in, steve. the one thing about the debt ceiling fights if you look at the yield on the 10-year has done what our borrowing cost have done because of external factors, we are still back at 2.6% on the right on the 10-year. that is why they can continue to do this, right? very cooperative. >> the most amazing thing is if you look back on when we had this big fight back in 2011, some of the credit rating agencies downgraded the aaa status of the federal debt, what happened is justinterest rates fell. i don't think any investor believes they will somehow be a jump in the debt.
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it will not happen by what happens with this debate, think it is irresponsible for the president to be talking down the debt and even bring in his idea of a debt default on the table. it is not going to happen. dagen: fiery as always. good to see you, we will see you more. connell: cleveland is not making money. the carrier dropping the city as a hub. dagen: a new problem for apple as an iphone explodes in a team's pocket. connell: the energy boom, involve for 20 years, coming to talk to dagen about it. the energy crisis and stocks are down today, down 178, and oil is also lower, down just about $1.
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offer from men's warehouse. nicole: we know these two are intense rivals both in the men's suits business, i have tried to take each other over, and we are currently now in the line here where joseph a bank says to men's warehouse once again we are rejecting another one of your offers. we saw men's warehouse make an offer, 57.50 per share saying they could actually sweeten that, we could sweeten it a little bit and they say no thanks, we think your offer highly undervalues our company. it does not serve the best interest of our stockholders, and they are not going to commence negotiations, so that is it. no way, no how. connell: cleveland feeling no te love, getting dumped as a hub.
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slashing daily flights in the region eliminating 470 jobs. united ceo says a letter to employees the hub has not been profitable in more than a decade and lost the airline tens of millions of dollars in recent years. take a look at th shares of the parent company, netted continental, today. connell: a state fire marshal in maine looking at a new case of an exploding iphone. 13-year-old girl suffered first and second degree burns after her iphone exploded. when she heard a pop as she sat down and the device began to smoke and the pants she was wearing caught on fire. she was treated it has been released from a nearby hospital. fire officials think it was caused by the battery on the phone shorting out. we are waiting to hear from apple about that particular incident. dagen: all of these manhole covers blew off, there was an
11:18 am
explosion on 42nd street at my building. that will wake you up. hello, how do you do. coming up, working in the oil industry. iinvestment raising money for 40 years or more, he will talk about the future of our energy business. connell: we will have a lot mo more. down 191 on the dow. take a look at currencies and see how things are doing. down six-tenths of 1%. keep an eye on our market. ♪
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>> at 22 minutes past the hour, a deadly school shooting in russia's capital. a tenth grade student armed with two rifles killing his teacher and a police man before being taken to custody.
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the boy's father played a key role helping to free a student being held hostage. nelson mandela left behind about $4.1 million. the executors of the will include beneficiaries of his family, the school he attended and african national congress which was liberation movement. he died in december at age 95. cancer is posed to take a greater toll. the world health organization cancer agency reporting there will be 22 million new cases every year within the next two decades. the agency says the number continues to rise because of global aging and the spread of cancer to developing countries. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. i am lorne greene. connell: thank you very much. dagen: time to try to make money with charles payne. connell: we were down 200. what is going on here?
11:24 am
charles: not necessarily worried, but you do have to look and see, lot of key support points are not holding right now. friday we made a nice move off the bottom which i thought was odd going into a weekend but buyers began to emerge. the last hour of trading will be critical here. but you have the market now reacting really harshly too bad news, the auto sales obviously everybody says the weather, but they came in significantly below expectations putting pressure into the open. manufacturing data came in below expectations putting more pressure on. i have to tell you, from their point of view with jaclyn's comments this morning putting even more pressure on the mark market, adding pressure to the g.o.p. with the debt ceiling debate with the market falling apart. we have these three things, janet yellen coming in.
11:25 am
because of the weather, she does maybe get to buy an extra month to continue this game plan. connell: does not mean it will turn to anything important. anything big going on? charles: i will count this as we have been long overdue for something. a correction, but when it does start to happen, it is always easy to say it is healthy, we are consolidating, already in the midst of it. dagen: it is all the central banks, all the federal reserve. charles: the dow went up. i honestly think the street is afraid right now of the fed is changing their mind because that would be a total indictment on
11:26 am
our economy. that means our economy has not turned the corner and that is worse news overall for all americans then them staying the course. that is why janet yellen's lucky if she can buy herself the right month. dagen: when the tenure gets to 3%. people are afraid there is risk and the economy is not so great that people are willing to own treasuries then own stocks. that might have been the case over and over again. connell: charles will go back to pick individual stocks tomorrow, but good talk. charles: i had to seattle. johnny-come-lately, but i had seattle. dagen: and thought john elway was the quarterback for the broncos. who is this elway i keep hearing
11:27 am
about, is it the quarterback of the broncos? connell: thank you, charles. charles: see you later. dagen: anyway. who do we have coming up? connell: i don't know, tell us. coming up with dagen. $200 billion worth of energy related deals during a four-year plus career. he will talk about that industry and where it is headed next. dagen: the seahawks victory and trouncing victory last night. we have fox sports one coming up. he just came from a a press conference with the winning team. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in ve, get married, have a couple of kids,
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continues as we bring nicole petallides back from new york stock exchange at&t is a participant? >> no doubt. telecom wireless carriers but looking at at&t and verizon is the top losers of the s&p 500. of course, there are price wars under way it is worth noting at&t has said new plan where they offer better prices to bring back customers don't forget t mobil is playing it tough trying to move over those folks offering even so they are trying to have them come over to t mobil however desperate plan is attacking verizon five family plan
11:32 am
that seems to do well for them. there is a lot going on. but there is a lot of down arrows today to monday keystone pipeline saga continues opening up a 30 day comment period it does already dead five years do we need it? our next guests spent 40 years working in the oil business author of the new book following oil and joins us from denver. i am very sorry about your broncos. >> i have happy memories of other caves including super bowls. [laughter] dagen: that may be the understatement. it seems like like train transport has stepped up because it has taken so long to get this approved.
11:33 am
>> there are those that make the case but i don't agree. we need a multiplicity of means to get oil to market and the delays we have had on the keystone pipeline have caused us to overstress the use of rail. and has a real advantage over both coasts but the overall safety especially the keystone xl will move the canadian oil it is compelling and if we we're doing that we would not stress the rail system we have seen some high-profile accidents that have occurred as a result. dagen: that the nsf accident just to name one of them. but it turns out what we are producing from the shale formations -- formation and are we doing everything possible to make sure that
11:34 am
this production continues to boom? >> we have to remember it is a bubble up not top down. that government policy tends to optimize with the delay of the keystone pipeline. with other constraints but it is progressing irrepressibly. i would say the new secretary of energy seems to get it and has authorized a step since the direction of gas exports and has also raised if that were taken act of congress. hopefully that will come along because we have 2 million barrels per day to u.s. production from the balkans about 1 million barrels per day each wusses reached over a
11:35 am
two 1/2 or three year period but with that kind of production we will be to our needs and reduce our trade deficit to put ourselves in a better trade balance situation that i have seen over the last couple decades dagen: did you see this coming with the volume of production? talk about people wheel. can we stop talking about that? >> it has been postponed. and no. if you go back 10 years ago this crept up on us. people were doing it starting in 2006, the sale that we can build that was the wake-up call nine months later the industry was pursuing another one dozen shale plays. after that's the we had seen validation of two-thirds of those and that is good restarted to get traction in
11:36 am
the last three years? yes. five or six or seven? probably not. dagen: with the potential job creation if the boom continues? creator it has the facts of more drilling and construction crews but the indirect effect that are harder to measure but very real. the trade deficit we had a conifer trade deficit problem off but when this started to kicking and -- kicked in the structural deficit was on the way to be eliminated at the end of the decade it would be largely gone if we could pursue this a responsible, but environmentally sensitive sensitive, effective manner which is the way the industry is doing its. connell:. dagen: your buck is falling
11:37 am
oil. i am sorry about the game last night. >> we will catch up another time. connell: talking about the intense cold now it is keeping some car buyers out of short -- show room so jeff flock is seconal some showrooms is the really the problem more excuse. dagen: we hear about the amazon drone but now one puree wanted to start delivering beer but the government had to step in. connell: and senior nfl reporter just back from talking to the champion seahawks to talk about the bow out of. we will talk about the game coming up.
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>> your fox business brief manufacturing grew at a much slower pace last month according to the index we had the lowest level in eight months. down from december 56.five rating. but construction rose in december the highest level since march 2009.
11:40 am
private residential projects offset the loss of the public construction sector. in reportedly tried to buy of a majority stake the was to purchase as much as 45% of formula one. it makes about 1.$5 billion each year from the 19 races around the world. this is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper.
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>> i thought the city was too big guy never got the sense there was the buzz walking around town. the media was in new york city, it was freezing. it was to bid for a super bowl it was overwhelmed and
11:42 am
every other city fell whole focal point of the city is the super bowl but that was not the case with new york. connell: one of the most famous house in the country as you are heard about the shortcomings of the super bowl held to the york city area. dagen: and to talk all about it is fox sports one with the nfl was looking into the trade fiasco. will be york ever get another one. connell: i would put that into perspective looking at the blackout in new orleans dallas was a disaster couple of years ago certain it was a good stage but people could not get in their receipts so you have to under steel and they were inconvenienced but compared it was not bad. connell: at least the lights
11:43 am
stayed on. >> that was the comment today by a staffer. connell: what was that like? it was so boring but without the overnight ratings a looks like people hall and in their okay. >> obviously and rogers said in the past the favorite team is the team that is ground he always wanted to be a close game but everybody expected it. people held in a little longer because they were waiting. they cannot hold them down for this long? yes they could do when you're not an american if you know, what to hold gave no matter how bad it is. how does this go down for the worst of all time? >> it is the worst in a it used to be par for the course 80s or 90s then they
11:44 am
wanted the parity across the league not just during the season but the playoff games are detaining it is a lot easier to win on the road now and remember nfc used to dominate super bowl has been a terrific game so i saw them as it used to be like this every year. connell: even now it will happen. as a business network people identify with businesses that are well run and the seattle organization it is good the way it is built top to bottom with gm and the way they drafted players they put together something that could last. >> but it doesn't usually last longer you have to figure out who do we pay and russell has another year at half a million but they can
11:45 am
renegotiate so he will be of great bargain once again. with sherbet and the safety aero they could get them renegotiated starting now and they will demand a lot of money. teams can hold on for about five years to exercise the option that is a bargain but eventually they have to take a stand and they may have to hold out. i don't blame them. connell: it is not that interesting. >> now coaching staff, front office. dagen: will wilson be one of the greats? >> i don't know if he has the physical makeup but i hate the talk he is a gave manager he is more than that. but he will never have that physical makeup of the franchise quarterback but i've above him to quarterback my team.
11:46 am
connell: good for him. the jets fans who they think they're the next ones. dagen: i just see this nerd's ruled with paul allen there is no bigger door on the planet. [laughter] cpac mckee was playing guitar at the post party. >> along with mclemore and ryan the west. >> i imagine the next three days in seattle i think the parade is on wednesday. connell: good for you. fox sports one. dagen: are you going to rest now? >> maybe a couple of. connell: back to talk about the up markets but if you
11:47 am
write to us earlier you saw the near-term forecast so first of all, take a listen to that. >> i don't think the selling is over. i know what to think tomorrow is the beginning of straight up will take awhile to repair the concerns or damages but a big downside gap to talk about a bear market? i don't think so. connell: do you agree? >> i do. if the situation of the emerging market continues to possess that comply duration of currencies we will house selling pressures. in addition there is clearly a change of behavior for people look more fundamentally it as opposed to the latest fed president's speech so we will have a downside pressure. but we see with our model
11:48 am
there is the short-term oversold nature. the problem we are having each day brings more bad news either with the u.s. economy or overseas. if we get something good with the jobs picture may be. connell: now with the down side keep watching. dagen: that a horrible weather cools off auto sales last month some are forecasting 2014 baby poised for a pickup. connell: sova jeff flock is in an illinois with sales performance. >> not so much. this weather has kicked the crap out of sales nationwide but it did not hurt the guy in the front seat. we are following him all the way through the last half decade of auto stuff this is
11:49 am
lynn naperville illinois. in midwest this south, the storm, has done a number on sales in january unfortunately. >> we had a pretty good jittery. maybe mind over matter. we know in chicago it will snow there are great programs from gm and we use those with our department. >> i want to show you those that did well. nissan, a chrysler, but you just invested millions to be out here in a new community community, a new dealership what makes you so confident? >> my partner and i thought getting into naperville was the right plays said it was well worth the investment was a good population but the best product in the marketplace. >> garett is whose new dealership number one in the
11:50 am
chicago land market we will see this up close and personal next hour. not a great month of sales because of the weather but you never know. there may be pent up demand also the buick enclave i will show you that next hour as long as he does not crash dagen: that is good tv. put on your seat belt. connell: we see the us no shots we're watching kids outside the studio. northeast to the midwest and to a series of storms is to he our way. dagen: faa beginning a breeze attempt drones to deliver to ice fishermen. now the white house may have to be involved. ♪
11:51 am
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dagen: i will quote coddled exchange today is the weather we were hoping to have bought a super bowl sunday. but now is nasty winter weather sweeping across the northeast we are live from the fox weather center with the latest. this is just one of three storms? pemmican would have made for a better super bowl game i agree. blood get the temperatures cold enough for snow, heavy snow still falling. white snow for philadelphia and this has been the scenario all morning. of a delay at the airport
11:55 am
philadelphia over four hour delays of those who were hoping to cash out are at the airport right now. this will be out by this afternoon but then we watch the next one in some areas could get six or 12 or even 18 inches so there are the totals as we go across the central plains. the next storm system could be significant to the interior northeast then we have and other storms sunday thru monday. connell: and a wisconsin brewery owner is getting attention because the faa has been and efforts to use the drums to deliver beer to ice fisherman. he said the idea came from amazon delivery service now people are petitioning to
11:56 am
reverse the ban on the white house websites. there it is. dagen: our stage manager goes ice fishing quite often and drinks the copious amounts of beer. [laughter] the only thing he has paid attention to. he is giddy about the drone be your delivery. >> with of loss renault markets are down and a bear says it will get worse before it gets better. connell: did peyton manning just play in his last super bowl? we will take you to the next hour of "markets now." has a hearing problem. and she's fed up with the daily hassle of her old hearing aid. so she got a lyric in her life and everything changed. which one? you'll never know because the lyric is in her ear.
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dennis: congress needs to act to
12:00 pm
extend the barring authority for our nation and it needs to act now. can congress get it right this time and avoid manufacturing another shutdown? i am dennis kneale here with sandra smith to take you through the next hour. how it could impact your money ahead. the dow now trading at 15,500. we will hear from one market bear who says this may be only the beginning of this downturn. which super bowl ad rang out loud and clear? all of this and more in the next hour of markets now. ♪ dennis: sandra, 200 points off the dow. the fraidy cats continue. sandra: we have janet yellen.
12:01 pm
200-point plus selloff. stocks now and every 15 minutes. another big day in the red. nicole: that is right. we are still seeing selling across the board. 15,468. the dow was down just 1%. almost doubling the loss there. the s&p 500 down. 1.5% loss there. 1753. take a look at the pics. 20.2. going back to four months ago levels. stocks fell off.
12:02 pm
we are seeing people flock to the safe haven of treasuries and utilities and the like. back to you. dennis: janet yellen. what will her biggest challenges the? let's take her to our business. >> i think she will be the most politicized chief. democrats do not have a lot of power in the rest of obama's terms. republicans, meanwhile, have gotten the whole anti-reserve
12:03 pm
politics. there will be pressure on her this year with tapering and the long-term where politics are going for her to be more responsive to the political process. >> i know a lot of the writeups recently have been the fact that she is a woman. will that play a big part, do you think? >> i think what her big issue is tiny bubbles. it is not inflation. it is not really coming down full bore. it will take a hit in the head with a boomerang. it really is about bubbles. it is what bernanke said it is about. they will not raise rates. it is about the first, second, third levels of defense. macro policies. hang on. that is what is key here.
12:04 pm
dennis: we are below 155 on the dow. will that affect janet yellen? >> the fed does not like to be pushed around by wall street in the markets. i think more disturbing is the federal reserve data. ben bernanke took a victory lap. now we can begin to taper off the accommodation. that puts the drill and janet yellen score. does she just accept this or does she say i want to reset. >> show the weight of the world really be on the fed's shoulders or should they be looking more at what is happening in washington? charles: bernanke was so vocal, especially towards the end about fiscal policy.
12:05 pm
>> we are seeing a market that is naturally reacting when the fed steps back. we saw this happen in 2010 and 2011. this is what happens when the fed retraces and comes back out of the market. dennis: do we think this is honestly the beginning of the end? >> who knows. we are chasing bubbles right now. if this has been a bubble up until now -- >> there is a whole new thing on the feds plate right now. that is the spiraling of many world currencies. i think that will play a huge role while the fed may have been concerned about fiscal policy coming out of washington before. dennis: the fed's most recent statement did not --
12:06 pm
charles: if they could juggle all of these balls -- they already have a dual mandate. then on top of that the mandate with bernanke on housing. >> things to keep in mind is the markets went up double digits. even when there was a currency crisis and 97-98. dennis: moving onto our second topic. >> ready. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ dennis: how i feel after the super bowl. a scene from "groundhog day."
12:07 pm
this friday, is congress guilty? charles: i think jack lewis comments after watching the market opened this morning, i do not have any drinks. there is nothing i can do. we cannot play around. it is clearly in congresses lap. >> i think investors tune out the noise. the issue is, do investors pay attention or is this just the same or is this the way we should be doing budgeting in this country? >> is that already showing up? today if popped above 20 for the first time since october. we are seeing a lot of similar
12:08 pm
reaction. >> that is what i like is a guild on a long bond. they are not expecting growth. dennis: they do not really have any cards to play here even though the debt ceiling has been one of their most popular and effective issues over the last three or four years. they have squandered it. it bothers me are the comments i hear out of obama officials. we have some debt negotiations coming up and i am a little worried. i am not sure what would happen. no company would ever say that. >> that is there go shooting attack that. -- that is their negotiating
12:09 pm
tactic. dennis: don't even we know as we stoke these fires the government will not default. they will work this out. >> you are absolutely right. i will tell you something, look at what mackenzie just said. this is why we will never see interest rates go up again in a very long time. $1.6 trillion. $1.6 trillion. that is why the federal reserve will hang back and not raise rates in a long time. dennis: we are moving on to the broncos. this was pages last chance, or was it, at a super bowl trophy. >> he will always be a winner. he has been a spectacular quarterback for quite some time. before the game started last night, he did not look good. he did not look confident.
12:10 pm
in fact, he looked a little pale. then the camera was on him as the flyover happened. it was almost symbolic of him enjoying his last super bowl. dennis: will he retire? >> i do not think he does. he underwent back surgery -- net surgery. i think he comes back. charles: i do not think he retires. he is an old man playing a young man's game. dennis: i think he is so likable and so good that hisscontracts continue even if he retires. charles: they have ways of
12:11 pm
making a lot of money for almost forever. i think he wants one more super bowl win. it is hard to make that argument which is one victory. when your little brother has to. dennis: sibling rivalry. i am the only one here who thinks he will retire. >> why do you think he will retire? dennis: he has done it all. it is so much work to get there and have this happen is so devastating. when they have to start all over again -- i could make ten-$12 million by not getting hit. it was the broncos defense that blew that game. they need to learn how to tackle. all right. nicely done. thank you charles payne,
12:12 pm
elizabeth macdonald and matt welch. sandra: we have the winners and losers had. dennis: after hosting a rather tall meet super bowl, the northeast is getting hit again. hundreds of flights are already canceled. it is coming down right outside. ♪ welcome back. how is everything?
12:13 pm
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sandra: welcome back. the dow is down 234 points midway through the session. a loss of 1.5%. the nasdaq, the biggest loser, down 76. the biggest loser right now is at&t. at&t down $1.15. one stock in the dow 30 in the green. that is pfizer. time now for stocks every 15
12:16 pm
minutes. but to the floor of the new york stock exchange where nicole petallides is. nicole: we are seeing the markets sell off. let's take a look at the chart. it is now ample that territory. trading more than 5% below its january hot. it would need to close below 1755.96. we are now below that level. 1754 and change. that hide was an all-time high of 1848 and change. let's take a look at two names in the communications world. charter communications discussing raising its bid for time warner cable. when you look at these two names, basically, there was an original bid of $37.3 billion.
12:17 pm
now there is talk that they may be interested in raising the bid up to 142.5 oh. there is a deadline that they need to meet. sandra: the s&p 500 now down 5%. thank you so much, nicole petallides. dennis: new numbers out from reality track. more than 156,000 homes in the u.s. last year were bought only to flip them. in the six states with the best performance, the average profit was more than $80,000. what states offer the best upside to the flipside? number five, washington state. new york ranked fifth. maryland ranked third in massachusetts
12:18 pm
was the number one state. they do love the highest profits. just north of $103,000 per sale. sandra: a tale of two regions. snow pounding the northeast. california is facing what could be its worst drought ever. dennis: it is not too hot in cleveland for one company. ♪ ♪
12:19 pm
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12:22 pm
dennis: the famous punxsutawney phil spotted his own shadow. six more weeks of bitter winter. it is snowing. janice dean is live in the box weather center. >> we are watching this one and one will, on tuesday into wednesday. then another one on the weekends. it could bring some significant snow totals to new york.
12:23 pm
we could see several inches of rain over the lower mississippi winter valley. moving into words the mid-atlantic and northeast. there is your forecast. some areas six-12. the next storm system could bring higher totals. parts of the rockies could get six-12 inches of snow. as well as moisture into central and southern california. this will be the most rain since december 19. there is no one good piece of news. the temperatures remain frigid.
12:24 pm
we will watch another one developing across the gulf of mexico. we think thursday, friday, reaching and towards the northeast sunday into monday. three storms we are watching bringing all sorts of weather across the u.s. dennis: thank you for nothing, janice dean. >> sorry. sandra: california not getting any precipitation at all. a drought so bad that farmers are not even planting their fields. >> the states salad bowl into a dust bowl.
12:25 pm
we will wait to see if we have enough water to farm it. if we don't, there is no sense and planting it. >> we have no water, we have no jobs, we have no education, we have no future. the best sale in the world lies dormant, dry and dying of thirst. >> the ultimate beneficiary. >> america eats everything valley grows. without water, consumers say face shortages and higher prices. >> the states largest water supply is at a record low. some reservoirs and rivers bone dry. >> if there is no water here, we are facing a huge catastrophe.
12:26 pm
>> water is everyone's business says this campaign and spanish. they want all californians to cut back 20%. >> what kind of nonsense does the bureaucracy do out here? >> there is water up north. democrats said no to converting some of it to farmers. >> how you can favor fish over people is something that my people in the world would not understand. >> about $1 billion a year to that area of north. it may kill some fish. democrats will propose their compromise this week. sandra: thank you. dennis: super bowl surprises. the game with the worst super bowl rout and 21 years. how about the ads? we will break it down coming up.
12:27 pm
sandra: we will hear from a bear from a l street. this selling, it is not over. where you should be putting your money right now. ♪ [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the tradg floor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ [ indistinct talking continues ] [ male announcer ] so the magic shell went back to being get live squawks right in your trading platform
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[ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now. dennis: coming up in this half-hour of markets now, a monday selloff pulling the dow below the 15,500 mark. more than $4 million for 30 seconds of ad time on the super bowl. which ads were money well spent and do not count out the beard grown just yet.
12:31 pm
how fans are fighting the band to block it. stocks now and every 15 minutes. let's go to nicole petallides. nicole: we are watching queue levels here on the s&p 500. right around these levels, it is in fact a pullback. a 5% pullback from the january 15 highs, all-time highs. the question is whether or not people think this is a good buying point or are they really just waiting to see friday's jobs numbers. let's take a look over at ray wolf. for just came out with some numbers and sales. not great news there. ford is to the downside. facebook did hit a new high. social media did well today.
12:32 pm
twitter and ling then and the like. pfizer, though one piece of good news here on wall street today. it has been green all day. this is a breast-cancer drug that continues to do well. one of the few names in the green. back to you. dennis: thank you, nicole. sandra: our next guest says the losses are just the beginning of what could be a very rough year. he is a writer of a fancy ride up every day. i give you kudos for this. i have you on a market panel in december. it was for the denver security trader association. you were the one guy on the panel who was a bear at that moment. here we are in the first trading day in february and we are seeing triple digit losses.
12:33 pm
are you still a bear today? >> i am. a market that got too far ahead of itself because of monetary policy. now that monetary policy is being withdrawn. they had to consolidate and reconnect. i think a lot of the games where the fed. i think the fed withdrawing qe will lead to this pullback that we are having. sandra: nobles did not say we would see a softening. they were saying it was based on earnings. the fed was not the driver behind this rally that we saw over the past year. most professionals do watch the s&p 500. we are at 1756 today. at 1756, where are you willing to say that s&p will far from here? >> publicly about $110 earnnngs this year.
12:34 pm
at least 1650 on the s&p. sandra: over 100 points from where we are today. >> i also would not be surprised if we went lower from there. i would not that that at this point in time. sandra: for dow watchers, what does that equate to? it is down almost 6.7% already. that is an earning story. i would sit there and say, you know, the dow probably has another 5% to go. it is just not a good sign that the leadership is not happy. sandra: the dow could definitely be painful for a lot of folks. where would you suggest people put their money today? >> i would say the underweight equities have a heavy cash position. gold is the place that i think is attractive this year. a big game last year was the goldilocks trade.
12:35 pm
by equities, short gold. basically, economies pushed equities higher. gold is up about 5% year to date in january. sandra: i will do something fancy here. i will pull gold versus the s&p 500 on a year to date basis. buy gold and sell the s&p in the blue. this trend will continue? >> i think it continues throughout the year. gold is over speculated to the downside. each phase of qe lead to the top. gold was a favorite of qe two. that led to its reversal. qe3 led to short trading in it. i see it going back north of
12:36 pm
1300. probably 1350, 1400. i think it will outperform equities. sandra: i will now hit on the vix. it itself has been volatile over the past year. up over 9% today. should we expect more of this as a tops 20 points for the first time since october? >> the vix is a fear index. the good thing about the vix is if you hit levels 25-30 range, that is usually a sign of some type of trading bottom. i would let the vix get above 25 and look for the opportunistic there. sandra: i will leave off with the s&p. you are calling for a drop of over 100 points in the s&p to work? >> 1650 throughout the course of this year.
12:37 pm
dennis: federal officials are planning to announce whether automakers should be required to equipped new cars with technology that enables vehicles to communicate with one another to prevent collisions. jeff flock is in illinois with the latest. jeff: a lot of people already have this technology. this is a buick enclave. this already alerts you if there is a vehicle to your right. take a look at how this new technology would be different, though. they would get position, heading, speed, communicating with each other theoretically. it would add about $100 to the cost of a new vehicle. let's jump in here and tell people a little bit about what we are talking about. we also talk about new car sales today. technology, we even break your car, allow you to stop before
12:38 pm
you get into a wreck. take a look at the numbers. a lot of bad weather as we drive away in our new ux enclave. snowbank. [laughter] >> i want to get out of that snowbank. let's get on the road here. jeff: a lot of people hurt this month because of the weather. >> we were up 13%. i guess we are p fortunate. we were ready for the winter. general motors had some great programs. we took advantage of it. we have more to come this week. a new challenge, the month of february. jeff: gmc, buick, chevrolet and cadillac. it is tough when you have such nasty weather. >> oh, yeah. it is definitely tough. you have to be ready. you have to be mentally ready.
12:39 pm
it is winter. we have to be ready. we proved that we are here. jeff: they spent more time digging cars out of the snow. we have more snow coming. we will talk about trucks next hour. thank you for the ride. >> also. thank you. we cannot show you how the side alert works. jeff: we are moving now picked can you get into a crash and we will show how it works? woody, what are you doing? >> i don't want to do that. jeff: back to you. dennis: thank you very much jeff flock and the wood man. sandra: united airlines dropping cleveland as a hub. it is slashing daily rights in the region.
12:40 pm
united airlines ceo in a letter to employees says the hub has not been profitable in over a decade. take a look at shares of the parent company, united continental. a loss of 3.5%. dennis: the seinfeld reunion. the best part of the super bowl for many out there. winning and losing commercials are coming up with our all-star panel. sandra: amazons plans to deliver via drone. have you heard about the beer drone? we will tell you about that next. ♪ [ female announcer ] who are we?
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and we're here to help start yours. ♪ [laughter] >> i am tracy byrnes with your fox business brief. the highest level since march march 2009. the jump in private residential building offset a drop in the public sector. this comes after joseph e banks rejected another offer by a rival men's warehouse this weekend. it was backed by golden gate capital. manufacturing grew at a much slower pace last month. overall factory activity fell. the lowest level in eight months. it is actually down since
12:43 pm
december. that is the latest on the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
12:44 pm
dennis: super bowl 48 was a blowout right from the get go. the commercials cost more than $4 million each. we have some experts here to break them down. we have jared moses and peter. they rate these ads. jared, tell us your favorite ad of the night. >> doritos amateur spots. i just love them every time. dennis: there was the thing about that time machine nicely done. peter, tell us about your favorite ad. >> i like the doritos ad as well. i think the cowboy one would be my funniest and favorite.
12:45 pm
dennis: the cowboy one. okay. you guys were able to interview thousands of consumers. rating them for likability and attention-getting. you got the microsoft ad as number one and budweiser's puppy love in second place. that microsoft ad, saw it. it. your viewers liked it. >> exactly. the super bowl is such a unique event where brands can really communicate their messages. those for you just mentioned really seized on that opportunity. the puppy live with budweiser. so more informative like microsoft. i think they all communicated and represented their brands really well. dennis: when budweiser goes with a puppy and clydesdale -- >> puppies or babies when every time. they just go back to the well. it works.
12:46 pm
it is part of their formula. dennis: i thought they were rather underwhelming. >> i think it is the tale of the good, the bad and the boring. there were some examples of brilliant work. there are lots that were in the middle. ads like cheerios and coke. pretty good, just not fantastic. always a couple that do not do well at all like go daddy. squares base which is a. creepy ad that nobody liked. then you have, some brands that just ran run-of-the-mill ads that they run every day. sprint, subway, geico. dennis: a $4 million spot. i realize you are reaching a big audience. to take that platform and run the same ad they run for months -- >> such a waste.
12:47 pm
dennis: we just heard peter take issue with go what an amazing transformation. they were selling the ability to get your business noticed online. to you see that puppet ad? a woman announced it to everyone and her boss. >> i was happy to see they did not go the typical type of sexist ad peered they went right to selling their business. dennis: why did they not fare better? >> i agree with you. i think that one was pretty good and the puppet one. they still have the goofy one with the weightlifters running around with danica patrick in the inflatable soup. dennis: if they could run some video with this chrysler 200 with bob dylan.
12:48 pm
one of the first times i have ever heard of this guy advertising for anything. he talks about how great it is to be made in america for a company that was bought out by a company from italy, fiat. >> you should do your research before you say yes to the spot. it was a terrible spot. i think that should be embarrassed by it. dennis: peter, what do you say? >> america does did not buy that. i think they were reaching. i just did not get the connection with bob dylan. i think that is the weakness with using celebrities. if there is no clear role with them, it just kind of fumbles around and does not do well. dennis: almost as if they are afraid to talk about their own car anymore.
12:49 pm
maza roddy ad that was really weird. thank you very much. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. sandra: time for stockpile. let's head down to the new york stock exchange. we just had somebody say they believe it will continue on. >> the feeling on the floor is we think it will continue for a while. it is very short-term in nature. this market will catch a bid. we think it will happen fairly quickly. we think the s&p and the dow oversold for a couple weeks now. it is just getting deeper and deeper. 1742 is a mark on the s&p. we think it will continue to go down. you will get more downdraft. again, i do think we will get a
12:50 pm
bit here and another week or so and it will bounce back up. sandra: thank you so much. >> my pleasure. sandra: gold on the rise. let's head to the trading pits in the cme. phil flynn is standing by there. gold prices up about $20. sell stocks, buy precious metals? >> it sure is today. everybody is loving gold all of a sudden. everybody is jumping back in. we are seeing a lot of physical demand in the market. it was a huge job. that is not all that is going on with gold right now. in india, they have been trying to suppress the gold purchases. that will improve the physical demand. we did hit some key resistance as well. copper is another metal that is doing terrible right now. the strongest users of copper is leading for copper that the
12:51 pm
biggest down day since the mid- 1990s. that is a heck of a run, sandra. very pessimistic on the global economy. sandra: phil flynn, thank you very much. >> thank you. dennis: the most at were birthday post on facebook. sandra: i will drink to that. a beer drone. details on that next. ♪ [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edwa jones. this is shirley eaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how areou? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shir] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ malennouncer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪
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12:54 pm
♪ sandra: tomorrow marks a milestone in the world of social media did facebook is turning ten years old. on february 4, 2004, mark zuckerberg and a few friends launched the website as a way
12:55 pm
for college students to look up pictures on each other. its growth as a business is astounding. it hit nearly $155 billion. dennis: it's testimony to men's pursuit of women. all right. wisconsin are re- owners. be your drones getting a lot of attention. delivering beer to ice fishermen. the product is far more popular. people are petitioning to reverse this band at the white house website. with 100,000 signatures already, if you get 99,000 more by march 1, the white house has to address the issue. let the beer be free.
12:56 pm
sandra: more than 1000 words, a picture. getty image cofounder joins lori and adam exclusively with the best images from super bowl. dennis: days are done. the biggest change to the internet. that is next. ♪
12:57 pm
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adam: the selloff on wall street, the stock market's losses accelerating. the dow is down 218 points. i'm adam shapiro. lori: tough way to start week. i'm lori rothman. we're hitting pullback territory on the s&p 500 right thousand. the index notching a 5% drop off recent highs. we haven't seen a decline like this since june of last year when the fed first hinted at reeling this its bond buying. adam: the internet is about to
1:00 pm
look a whole lot different. you know or even or what about or york? it's biggest land rush in the history of the internet. we're going the hear from the organization in charge of it all. lori: and it is probably an image the denver broncos and their fans would like to get out of their heads, but it's our guest's job to capture it all. jonathan klein with the best images from the seattle sea huge's historic super bowl win and how the photo agency is repping for the to limb -- prepping for the olympics. let's get to the markets. stocks extending their multiweek rout today. nicole petallides, kicking off a new month, but we are seeing the same old selling. >> reporter: right. the same trend that we've been seeing for 2014 thus far, as a matter of fact, january was a really tough month. we'll get to the


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